Nonsensical Nonsense
Back from the Further shows. It was amazing, but I’m in an awful mood right now. Great music with a great friend, but some other people just bother me.

I don’t know what it was. When Ellen and I were walking through Shakedown Street at the second show, I was wearing my glow-in-the-dark green skeleton sweatshirt, and a man by a car with some people shouted, ‘A walking skeleton, oh God!’ I sort of laughed at first thinking he was just joking about my sweater, but as we walked closer and past him, he went, ‘Holy fuck, you are a skeleton, get some fucking meat on those bones!’ and made, like… well. A sort of ‘ugh’ sound. All of this REALLY loudly. In front of everyone in the parking lot. It just. I felt humiliated. People were staring at us. :/ We kept moving quickly, but. I don’t know. No matter what anyone looks like, a public announcement to a stranger like that is just RUDE. It didn’t even make me feel like a skeleton. I just felt. Awkward and gross. Disgusting. Who gives him the right? He actually tried to, like, make a scene. D: I understood the first statement if it was just about my clothes, but he took it too far. I just. BAH. I can’t even. So I’m not going to. >__<

Have some good pictures from both nights, but I really need to take a break and recharge and calm down. I wore myself out and if I don’t lie down I’ll probably pass out soon~ Might be on later if I can.

The shows were amazing though. I did have a great time. I can’t let random assholes ruin something that I’d been looking forward to for so long. But really, no matter what someone looks like, you shouldn’t harrass them, especially in a public place full of people. :/

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